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Mr. Vakil has over 20 years of experience with co-founding and managing various businesses across multiple industries, including but not limited to Hospitality, Food Franchises, Real Estate Acquisitions, Retail Pharmaceutical Sales and Software Development. Currently Mr. Vakil is actively serving as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Information Officer (CFIO) of Nexus Hospitality Management.  

As CEO of Nexus, Mr. Vakil is responsible for the company's acquisitions, financial analysis and budgetary planning activities. He has spent countless hours to successfully develop and restructure financial statements to comply with hospitality accounting standards. His continuous involvement in monthly reconciliation processes and regular budgetary analysis has assured the success of his hotels.

Mr. Vakil’s expertise and knowledge extend well beyond his CEO role. As CFIO, Mr. Vakil has personally gotten involved in streamlining IT systems throughout the hotels, including software & system upgrades to effectively manage the operational departments of the hotels.He has implemented policies and procedures that are not only the most effective and efficient, but also produce the most accurate financial data. His in-depth involvement in this area has set the foundation for accurate and timely data generation. 

He is also actively involved in building investor relationships and equity partners. Mr. Vakil is constantly building critical relationships in the industry to assure the growth of his company.

Mr. Vakil’s diverse experience in the past has allowed him to bring a lot of value to the table in his present endeavors. In the past, Mr. Vakil has been involved in providing strategic IT solutions to global companies. In 2005/2006 he was involved in the acquisition of a limited service hotel which he not only successfully made profitable, but also renovated, re-branded and increased its’ real-estate value for all the shareholders involved. 

Mr. Vakil’s overall experience, both past and present are invaluable to Nexus today. His visionary qualities, hand’s on experience across all levels of his management, and futuristic outlook will assure the growth of Nexus. Exponential success for Nexus is imminent under Mr. Vakil’s direction.

EducationMaster in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, India
                    Master in Computer Science from Pace University, NY.

Mr. Ketan Vakil
Nexus Hospitality
Chief Executive Officer
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